How I Built a 7 Figure Consulting Business in 3.5 Years From Scratch
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  • The email that’s worth $400,000 every time I sent it. It’s also the most profitable I’ve EVER seen. (Hint: it’s a special way to use the welcome email that nobody else does). (Page 115)
  • How to grow FREE search traffic from 0 to 12,200 visitors per month. The secret is doing this with the content (nothing to do with “keyword stuffing”. Page 51)
  • How to (at least) double your sales conversion rate… if you hate selling! Just make this one change to your funnel before you speak to your next lead. (Page 71)
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“I've never met anyone in the world who's more obsessed with getting content right than the Fubbi team. And if you ever give them an 8/10 eight,the question you get from them is "What do we need to do to make it a 9 or 10 now?"
Taki Moore
Founder, Million Dollar Coach
“Fubbi generates all of our content that we use through Linkedin, which is probably our greatest marketing tool.. on a monthly basis, and the club will generate between 150,000 to $200,000 in sales from a very small budget that we spend with Fubbi.”
Daniel Hakim
Founder, CUB
"Every month we get 20 emails from Fubbi to send to our email list. And it's amazing because it's basically free sales appointments that we otherwise would have paid up to $250 per appointment from paid ads!"
John Anderson
Brand Manager, Knowledge Source
Consulting can take many forms - agency work, one-on-one advice, group coaching, info products such as books and courses. 

Over the last 20 years I've done it all and I've seen nearly all. 

I've had the high end boutique agency where we'd craft proposals, send invoices and then chase people for money. 

Loved the margin. Hated the time it would take to finish projects. 

I've run workshops, seminars, written books and created info products, too. 

And, today, I have a content agency where all our services are productized and 99% of the work gets done without me.

I kicked that business off 3.5 years ago and we started from scratch. 

A blank canvas. 

Now it's a 7 figure business. 

Not only that... 

We also have book writing projects we work on for clients, too. Again, we've productized our services. And again we get paid upfront for the work and we don't do invoicing. 

In the last 11 months alone 93 people have paid us to write their books, with pricing ranging from $4,000 to upwards of $30,000. 


Below is the obligatory screen shot of some of our sales. Sure, I can show you more - tonnes more. But this just a fraction of the recurring payments that come through on a daily basis. 

Back when I started Fubbi, I didn't have anybody on my team, but my lovely wife. And now, today there's dozens of us and we write emails, articles, videos and so on. 

Lots of content! Millions of words per year and thousands of videos. 


The model works. It's killer, frankly. 

We get paid upfront BEFORE we do the work. 

We have 6 figure months of recurring income - cashflow, cashflow, cashflow. 

We have predictability. 

We have security... and we "always" have more demand than we can supply. 

Most important, like I said above, I'm not on the "tools". I don't write the content myself. I don't manage the projects, either. 

I have a team of gangsters that make the magic happen. 

Life is good. Gives us space to travel and see the world, usually we're hopping planes 3 to 4 times per year to travel to Europe... Hawaii... NYC... parts of Asia. 

Sure, I still check in with the team when I'm travelling, usually on our team meetings on Tuesday then a quick touch base on Thursdays. 

Otherwise, if I'm needed, my Head of Operations can back channel to me. But that's as rare as the passing of Haley's Comet. 

What's The Secret to An Awesome Consulting Or Coaching Business?
Consulting can be a wonderful business, or it can suck. 

It sucks when you don't have status - when you're just another consultant bidding for business. 

It starts to get good - really good - when you're carving out authority in your niche. 

When potential clients come to you already TRUSTING you and even ASPIRING to work with you. 

Take Tony Robbins, for example. 

Love him or hate him, he's the only "life coach" I know that's packing out stadiums of people to hear him speak. 


The same kinds of venues reserved for Rihanna... Justin Bieber... The Rolling Stones. 

There's a lesson here!

And that lesson is AUTHORITY RULES!

When you can become the "go to" authority in your niche you can...

... CHARGE higher prices. 

... Make SALES more easily. 

... KEEP clients for longer. 

... Make all your ADS convert better. 

... Win more CLIENTS. 

... Have more FUN and ENJOYMENT. 

... Enjoy better LIFE BALANCE.

The list is endless!

I'm not saying I'm Tony Robbins. I am saying I enjoy all those benefits in our consulting business because of the authority I've established in our niche. 

Most days business is truly fun. Many of our clients turn out to be dear friends. 

Yet, when I look around and speak to consultants and coaches, their experience is opposite to mine. 

They're struggling to win new clients. They're literally eating hand to mouth each month. Taking on clients that are not a good fit for their genius. 

Underpricing their services just to get some business in the door. 

Then chasing down clients to get paid for the work they did last month... 2 months or even 3 months before. 

Screw that, there's a better way... and that better way can be YOUR way when you have authority. 

“Our social impact is growing by 8-10% every single month… month in month out just from [Fubbi’s] content… because we reach in the millions every single month - and for us to continue to grow - that reach is just extraordinary”

Sam Cawthorn
Founder, Speakers Institute

"Fubbi's content helped generate about $430,000 in revenue from just under $35,000 in ad spend. So looking at the numbers there, that's anywhere from 10 to 12 times turn on investment..."

Simon Train
Founder, GMS

What You’ll Discover In 7 Figure Consulting Secrets:
  • The email that’s worth $400,000 every time I sent it. It’s also the most profitable I’ve EVER seen. (Hint: it’s a special way to use the welcome email that nobody else does). (Page 115)
  • The push button formula to creating dozens of original content pieces in 25 minutes. The secret is following these 7 simple steps. Amazing! (Page 39)
  • The 2 step content formula that shapes thought leadership. This formula can deliver 5.7 million views just in one video... as it did for this client. (Page 48)
  • How do you get 303 sales leads in 24 hours from a single email? This secret is lifted from the playbook of a $65 million company. (Page 101)
  • Facebook shut your advertising account down… you then use Facebook’s data to get 2,000 leads in 7 days on a different platform. Magic? No… this company did it! (Page 104)
  • ​How often should you email your list? When should you send emails? Do what this company does and your sales team can also have a full schedule of leads. (Page 105)
  • 2 ways to make more money with emails without annoying subscribers. Hint: just add these 15 words your P.S in every email. (Page 112)
  • The world’s greatest lead magnet ever? No it’s not a video. And it’s not a special report. (Page 137)
  • ​How a $10 million company retargets using content. Their framework uses articles to quickly move people NOT ready to buy... to ready to buy! (Page 83)
  • The sneaky (and profitable) secret of how to your best emails to get sales leads from social media. And it’s NOT about simply posting the email in your feed (Page 123)
  • What to do if your website isn’t converting? Just make this one change to convert a whopping 60% of leads. Case study shown. (Page 133). 
  • How a Los Angeles based company hit the Inc 5000 list 4 years in a row. And how they did it in a shrinking market. The secret has nothing to do with buying up competitors or spending more money on ads. (Page 134)
  • How to use content to drive tonnes of high quality traffic from Facebook. Hint: Whatever you do, do NOT plaster your feed with boat loads of content. First do this… then do this next… and finally do this final step. 
  • Wanna email your list more than 3 times per week? If so, then include this one thing in all your emails. Bonus: it’ll save your list from unsubscribes and SPAM reports! (Page 105)
  • ​The BEST reason to create high quality content. And it has nothing to do with building trust or getting your name out there. (Page 65)
  • How to (at least) double your sales conversion rate… if you hate selling! Just make this one change to your funnel before you speak to your next lead. (Page 71)
  • ​And much more... 
[INSIDE PREVIEW] Secret #76: How to use content to get a 19.35 times return on Facebook ads
One of our clients routinely generates 19.35 plus returns on their Facebook ads. How do they do that? Let me tell you.

We create large volumes of great content for this client. Another agency we work with manages their Facebook ads. That's great, but what's the secret sauce?

The key to a great return on Facebook ads is matching the message to the market. That’s why you must become crystal clear on your audience. Be specific and create a detailed persona of your best buyer.

Then consider creating at least one amazing video for your audience. Facebook videos enjoy much wider reach than text posts. The platform also provides incredible segmentation capabilities for retargeting.

And since this client is in ecommerce, we send the videos through to his product pages.

Sounds simple, right? And it is. But where so many companies fail is not understanding their audience. You need to understand them richly enough to strategically share the right content.

 (The best part is this method works in most industries, not just ecommerce.)

Produce content for one person at a time. At least, that’s how you should think of it in your mind.

One of the most successful sales letters I ever wrote was for a vision supplement. At the time, I knew nothing about this audience or about the nutrients that help people with their eyes.

So, to learn about the nutrients, I dug into the medical studies. To learn about the audience, I interviewed my mother in law. Why? Because she was having a problem with her eyes and was in my “target market”.

Then, when I wrote the letter I imagined I was writing a letter to her.

Result: 6 years after writing it, this sales piece is still pulling in sales for our client!

What You’ll Discover In 7 Figure Consulting Secrets (Continued)
  • Neil Patel’s secret to doubling traffic from social media. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s free! (Page 74)
  • Sales leads aren’t converting as fast as you want? Before you toss in the towel check for this first - revealed on page 132. 
  • How a little known Aussie company does $42 million in revenue… even though their sales team converts only 20% of leads. Their secret revealed. (Page 71)
  • Should you advertise on Facebook if your market is on LinkedIn? Yes! And here’s why… and it has nothing to do with making your brand “omnipresent”. (Page 68)
  • How to get celebrities such as The Rock and Will Smith make your content go viral. Check out these two examples by someone who actually did it! (Page 67)
  • ​How to create a unique selling proposition that people can’t resist. Just follow the example of this $30 million client! (Page 140)
  • How to get instant results from content marketing. When I say “instant”, I mean you publish the content... and in one hour you’re flooded with sales leads. Wow! (Page 61)
  • How I added over 17,150 new high quality connections on LinkedIn. These connections now generate 15-20 big ticket sales leads per week at zero advertising cost (Page 95)
  • ​The 3 step funnel of a company that’s raised $30 million in VC funding. This funnel generates thousands of highly qualified sales leads in a hyper competitive space. (Page 60)
  • The one type of content that raised $216,334 in a GoFundMe campaign. You can use this secret to sell millions of dollars for your own product! (Page 57)
  • The best way to read the mind of your target market. I used this secret to write content that’s making money for our client 6 years later! (Page 55)
  • The FREE traffic secret of a company with $30.9 million in sales and a three-year growth rate of 101%. They dominate Google and it’s because they do this one thing with their content… and you can, too. (Page 54)
  • How to get a 19.53:1 ROI using just 3 videos on Facebook - that’s a whopping $19,530 for every $1,000 invested! Case study revealed. Page 92
  • Should you create personal branding content or company branded content? On page 102 is the advice I gave to a 700 employee client (not what you expect). 
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that goes snap… crackle and pop! Anybody can have a kick ass LinkedIn profile if they follow this model. (Page 99)
  • How famous Internet marketer Frank Kern targets huge pools of unqualified, uninterested audiences… and then gets them to buy! The result of testing over $3 million in ads. (Page 88)
  • ​And much more... 
[INSIDE PREVIEW] How to Use Content and Facebook Together To Bring In Nearly $250,000 in Sales

If you’ve been mailing your list, then there’s probably a segment of people that haven’t opened your emails in a while.

 What do you do with those people? Should you keep emailing them? If so, how often?


… How can you profit from them - without getting your email account banned?

Here’s a real handy tip from the playbook of one of our most successful clients.

This tip resulted in a windfall of approximately $230,000. And as an extra bonus, he didn’t put his email account to risk.

Obviously his results are not typical. So if you use this tip don’t expect the same result.

Here’s the story…

Over the years this client built a big email list of buyers. At one point, he was the biggest advertiser on Google in his industry! So, in addition to his active buyers, he also has over 222,000 buyer email addresses... that his email service provider tagged as “unengaged marketables”.

What are engaged marketables? These are folks that hadn’t opened his emails for 3 months… which meant his email service wouldn’t send any more emails to these people!

To his email service provider, these people were DEAD.

But they weren’t dead to our client - not by a long shot. So here’s what we did…

  • ​We exported those names to Excel
  • ​We uploaded those names to FB as a “custom audience”
  • ​We ran Facebook ads to that audience. 
And, as you know, the results were nearly $250,000 in sales.


And so easy to do.

What You’ll Discover In 7 Figure Consulting Secrets (Continued)

  • How to grow FREE search traffic from 0 to 12,200 visitors per month. The secret is doing this with the content (nothing to do with “keyword stuffing”. Page 51)
  • How to make your content to break through the clutter in professional services. The secret is to hit on your audience’s specific pain points - just make sure your content is more [revealed on page 50] than everybody else’s. 
  • What’s better: Evergreen content or news cycle, topical content? The answer will surprise you! (Page 63)
  • Little known software tool lets you strategically boost your content on Facebook without spending all your day manually boosting content. Also stops you wasting money on boosted posts that can’t go viral. (Page 80)
  • How do you create thought leadership in your content when NO writer in the world has your wisdom and experience? Easy! Just do this before any article is written. (Page 48)
  • ​The 2 step formula that generates $24 million in sales from just one article. You can use this formula in ANY industry to sell almost ANY product. (Page 43)
  • How fast can you expect results from content marketing? It could be instant. But It depends on which stage of business you’re in. Go here to discover the 4 stages. (Page 40)
  • The world’s greatest business card? It’s actually NOT a business card at all. It’s this on page 138. 
  • ​The ABC’s of doubling sales when you have a funnel that’s converting. Before you send more traffic, check to see the funnel has these 3 criteria. It’s essential. (Page 135)
  • Which sales and marketing KPIs are the most important to track? All you need are these 7… and then ditch the rest. (Page 134)
  • Your website not converting? If so, it’s almost certainly one of these 4 reasons. (Page 132)
  • A simple one page website generates leads for $5… who then spend thousands of dollars with me. Best part? The entire funnel took days to turn into a runaway success. (Page 72)
  • 2 examples of emails that revived thousands of dead sales leads. Use them as templates for your business. (Page 117)
  • Wanna make more profit from emails without having to send more emails? Then follow these 7 rules to setup a basic [revealed on page 113]. Then watch in delight as you double - even triple - the profitability of your email list.  
  • Vanity metrics - such as “likes”, “hearts” and comments - are a waste of money, right? Wrong! They can turn into your most profitable marketing funnel. (Page 81)
  • 3 little known ways I use Facebook’s dashboard to create a profitable social media content plan. Never be stuck for ideas again. And never “guess” what your market wants. 
  • The bulletproof advertising formula created by history’s greatest copywriting teacher. This formula is 5 steps and within seconds you’ll know what to offer to your market. (Page 77)
  • ​And much more... 
[INSIDE PREVIEW] Secret #51: How to make your content much better in a competitive space

One of our clients has a skin care product - super competitive space. There’s also many companies producing solid ‘Grade A’ content. So, that’s why, before working with this client we comprehensively reviewed his website.

 Something became immediately obvious…

… his existing content did NOT trumpet that he’s a board certified dermatologist. There was no mention of it in his title, his headlines, or his subheads.

So the solution was easy - ramp up his proof! Trumpet his education and training. Lead with it in the headlines and subheads. And finally, create a kick ass bio to go with every article.

But what do you do if you’re not, say, a doctor? Then you should borrow proof. We do it all the time for our clients.

Another of our clients is in B2B. And one of his most successful articles has the headline “Elon Musk's Secret to Sales Success”.

Jackpot. Winner!

We (and our client) don't know Elon Musk personally, and in fact have nothing to do with him. But it didn’t stop us from using his celebrity status to elevate the quality of the content.

Another of our clients is a Young Australian of The Year. We do the bulk of his content. His name is Sam Cawthorn and he’s in a hypercompetitive space - the professional speaking market.

Sam’s story is one of the most engaging you’ll ever hear. Go ahead and Google him. He’s a perfect example of someone sharing the wisdom of a life experience.

Check out the traction of this Goalcast did - a juicy 5.7 million views!

One way we cut through the clutter is featuring celebrities in his content. Here’s an example: 
As you can see, this piece is getting good engagement. But, it’s no surprise - let’s face it: featuring Martin Luther King in an ad is going to get attention!


The better your proof, the better your content. The best proof are celebrities. The next best proof is either 1. Your story 2. Your client’s stories.

But it doesn’t end there.

You can also use scientific studies... before and after charts/photos... screenshots of product users posting to Facebook and so on.

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This is my community based membership program where you can ask me questions directly - anything on how to get more clients for you consulting business.  

I am in there every single day. And it's a great way to get your questions answered without breaking the bank. :)

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100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee (And FREE Bonus)
7 Figure Consulting Secrets is bursting with REAL world wisdom and secrets that can bring to you hundreds of leads and customers in no time flat.

In fact, I guarantee.

Once you download your copy, go ahead and scan the Table of Contents. Look out for any topics that snag your interest.

If within 15 minutes of reading just a few of my 7 Figure Consulting Secrets secrets you’re not blown away, then go ahead and ask for a refund.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

But it doesn't end there. 

I'm going to give you access a new, fast paced training that'll pinpoint why you don't have as many consulting clients as you want right now. 

In this training, I won't be telling you the "secret" is funnels... or "content marketing"... or "webinars". It's something that makes all those ways to get clients work much, MUCH better. 

And it's yours FREE.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer,
So Claim Your $4.95 Copy of 7 Figure Consulting Secrets. Plus your FREE Bonus Training Now Before They're All Gone…

IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES: Absolutely nothing in this book should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). The business owners and companies mentioned in this book took action... and so therefore their results are not "typical". 

All business entails RISK. As an example, inside the book, I'll be showing you how to use advertising to get leads and clients. Advertising campaigns almost NEVER work at first. They usually require tweaking, refinement and adjustment. 

I'll also be showing you how I and our clients use content to get leads and sales. But content is a long term game. Yes, it's powerful but it's NOT immediate in most cases. 

Building a business requires work and commitment. Please only buy this book if you understand the realities and challenges. Yes, the rewards are worth it but you definitely worth it if you persevere.
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